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About Us

Our company and our products.

Bhavani Gems was founded in the year 1982 by Manji Ruda Dholakia. We emerged as one of the biggest natural diamond manufacturers expanding to countries such as the USA and Hong Kong. Bhavani Lab-Grown Diamonds is a subsidiary company of Bhavani Gems, which has been perfecting the art of diamond cutting and polishing with deep passion and integrity for more than 35 years. With an aim to create a positive impact on the environment, we decided to divert from Natural Diamonds to Lab-Grown Diamonds. We have combined our personnel experience, industry expertise and in-depth theoretical and research background to produce and develop better diamonds. Since we are aware of the fact that technology plays a big role in our day to day lives now, and now it is time for the luxury industry to become a part of it, Lab-grown diamonds came in. We as a company call it “The Future Link To Modern Luxury”. We have our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the "Diamond City", Surat, Gujarat, India.

While we launched Bhavani Lab-Grown Diamonds in 2019, we had begun the comprehensive research and survey of lab-grown diamonds in 2017. Since we entered this industry way ahead of its peak, we are one of the first ones in the market to manufacture lab-grown diamonds. As a result, we have an edge on the production and quality of lab-grown diamonds.

We have our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the "Diamond City", Surat, Gujarat, India. Our sales offices are in Mumbai, India and New York, USA. We also have an active online platform Bhavani Gems(link).


Our mission is to provide the jewellery industry with a sustainable luxury product by manufacturing Lab-Grown Diamonds.


Our vision at Bhavani Lab-Grown Diamonds is to produce the largest quantity and the finest quality of lab-grown diamonds. We aim to accelerate the advent of sustainable and conflict-free diamonds.

Core Values

Our values shape the culture and character of our organization. We value our core values through individual behaviours.

Some important values everyone at Bhavani Lab-Grown Diamonds abides by are:

- Constant Value Creation

- Integrity

- Respect for everyone

- Commitment

Each individual together makes Bhavani Lab-Grown Diamonds and serve as the foundation for how we act and how we are perceived.